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LIV connects people living with dementia to their support community.

Build your personal support network to stay living independently at home longer. This simple, powerful app provides one central place to connect with family, friends, service providers and community.

With LIV, you’re empowered to choose how you’re supported.

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Asking for help isn't always easy

Being part of a community makes life easier and more fulfilling. And with practical support and social connection, it's easy to get help when you need it.

But asking for help can be difficult, especially when you want to remain in control of your own life and the decisions that affect you. LIV makes it easy to find the support you need locally, from others in a similar situation, or even to ask for help from your community.

Build your personalised support network

LIV helps people living with dementia to stay at home longer by providing information, resources, local services, social connections and a way to keep in touch - or reach out - to friends and family.

The app lets you invite carers, family members and friends to connect in one central place. Using the app’s care circle, people can offer, ask for and receive the support they need.

This app is exactly what people living with dementia have been asking for.

Dr Dana Bradford, 26 April, 2021

I’ve got so much more to offer the world, I just sometimes need a little help with things.

Anonymous, aged 58, Person living with dementia

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